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How To Advertise On Facebook: A Beginners Guide To Facebook Ads

Do you want to get started with Facebook Ads and beable to generate more leads and sales for your business? Then keep on reading… As a Facebook Ad expert with over 5 years experience of the platform, I can tell you that if you aren’t using Facebook Ads for your business, then you should be. […]

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The 7 Core Elements of An Irresistible Offer

  Creating an irresistible offer is the most important part of every marketing campaign that you launch…Why? Because if your offer is weak or vanilla, then it doesn’t matter how good your audience targeting is or how well your ads are written, you will struggle to generate sales for your product or service. Use the […]

How To Position Your Sales Funnel Upsells For Maximum Sales

  A lot of digital and direct response marketers struggle to position the upsells in their sales funnel the right way after their initial welcome or tripwire offer and hence their sales suck. Are you one of them? They will simply try and oversell the upsells in their sales funnel because they feel that they […]